“Giving your employees tools for a career, not a job.”

Business owners know the importance the right benefits plan can play in helping to attract and retain a great team. It is good for your business and provides peace of mind for your employees and their families. Workers who are happy with their benefits, and feel their needs are being met, are statistically more productive, miss fewer workdays, and are more inclined to stay longer at their place of employment. A satisfied workforce that feels valued and supported creates a better working environment for all.

A group benefits plan can take many forms, so Contigo Solutions looks for the best long-term solution, focusing on what is right for the individual client, using our expertise to get you the best rates available. Your group benefits plan will be easy to understand, user-friendly, and easy to access.

Already Have a Plan?

Is your Group Benefits Plan the best for you?

Contigo Solutions has developed a special customized process that allows us to
tailor your individual plan, ensuring you receive the right coverage at the right cost. If you already have a benefits plan but are considering a change, you should know that we are experts at negotiating renewals and finding accurate rates for clients.

Contigo Solutions uses information supplied by insurance companies to build our own report for every client, and we use this to negotiate with insurance carriers on your behalf. In this way we often find discrepancies in the figures, and can inform a client when they are over-paying, and negotiate a more suitable plan with accurate rates. We even focus on little details that other insurance specialists sometimes miss, like making sure the components of your group benefits plan meet Saskatchewan labour standards.

Need a Plan?

Group benefit plans customized to suit you.

Contigo Solutions meets with every client to talk about what they want and expect from their group benefits plans. Clients are educated as to which insurance carrier would be a good fit for their firm, and the process of choosing them is clearly explained and discussed.

Contigo Solutions provides every client with their own personal report, which we use to negotiate with insurance carriers. We also offer an ‘industry analysis’, providing an overview of various business fields, and the types of insurance they typically have. This allows clients to consider the benefits and further available options for inclusion in their own plans.

Together, we will create the benefits plan to suit your business by exploring the base benefits, optional benefits, and extended healthcare options available to you, including; Employee Life Insurance, Extended Health Care, Travel, Vision Care, Dental Care, Disabilty Care, and more.