Jason Beaumont (Founder & CEO)

Jason was raised on the family farm in Hanley, SK, enjoying an active childhood. Best of all was working with his father, who entrusted him with great responsibility from an early age. Farm life instilled in him a sense of freedom, confidence, self-belief, and a strong work ethic, which he carries with him to this day. After high school, Jason attended the University of Saskatchewan where he earned a Diploma in Agriculture.

Jason started working in sales and marketing at Western Alfalfa Milling, where he was part of a team that was in charge of developing new markets. He also enjoyed a six-month adventure living and travelling through Europe, which gave him a broader perspective and greater appreciation of the world. Returning to Saskatchewan, Jason became an insurance advisor at an insurance agency, opening up and heading a successful group benefits division.

In February 2012, Jason took the opportunity to realize his ambition of going into business for himself by founding Contigo Solutions. Since then, Contigo Solutions has been sustaining relationships with a growing number of satisfied clients by providing outstanding insurance advice and services, with a focus on group benefits and RRSPs.